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Oxygen Dealer Supply in Delhi

Oxygen Pvt. Ltd. began its journey 28 years ago, in 1991, when the company, was first incorporated. Oxygen Pvt. Ltd. is India’s first leading manufacturer and exporter of Seamless High Pressure Aluminum Cylinders, Low Pressure Cylinders / Disposable Cylinders for Medical Gases, Industrial Gases, Specialty Gases, Fire Extinguisher, Scuba, Beverages, Soda Machine, Home Care, Ambulance, Hospitals, Paintball Games, Helium Cylinders for IABP Machines and Helium Cylinders for Balloon. The company has established creditable business in India as well as in the Global market.

Our Main Products

We supply Oxygen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen gas in both gaseous and liquid form. We also sell gas cylinder, cap, microbulk and LPG cylinders.


01. Industrial Gas Cylinder

India’s first manufacturer of Aluminium High Pressure Gas Cylinders used for Industrial, Specialty and Calibration Gases.


02. Medical Gas Cylinder

Manufacturer of Aluminium High Pressure Gas Cylinders for Oxygen (O2) and other Medical Gases for Home care, Hospitals, Ambulance and Emergency Kit.


03. Oxygen Cylinder – OxyKit

OxyKit comes with Oxygen Pvt. Ltd. make Light Weight Aluminium Oxygen Gas Cylinder with Valve, Regulator (0-15L Flow rate adjustable)


04. Scuba Cylinder

Oxygen Pvt. Ltd. is India’s First Manufacturer of High Pressure Aluminium Cylinders for Scuba Diving. Aluminium Cylinders are suitable for under water diving


05. Beverage Cylinder

Oxygen Pvt. Ltd. is India’s first manufacturer of High Pressure/Low Pressure Aluminium CO2 gas cylinders for beverages.


06. Fire Extinguisher Cylinder

Oxygen Pvt. Ltd. is India’s first manufacturer of Aluminium CO2 High Pressure Fire Cylinder & Low Pressure Fire Canister for Powder/Liquid


07. Paintball Cylinder

High Pressure Aluminium Paintball Cylinders for Paintball Game Lovers. Oxygen Pvt. Ltd. paintball cylinders are safe, durable and reliable.


08. Helium Cylinder

India’s first manufacturer of Aluminium High Pressure Cylinders for Helium Balloon which is Light in Weight and Easy to Carry.


A dedicated team performs products check throughout the manufacturing process


Our Features

Below are some of our existing assets and plants…

  • LIGHT WEIGHT, PORTABLE AND EASY TO HANDLEMade of aluminium, 66% lighter than the steel cylinders, hence this makes the cylinders portable and easy to handle in emergency situations.
  • SEAMLESS AND CORROSION RESISTANCESteel cylinders are very prone to corrosion and start rusting immediately. So, oxygen taken from steel cylinder contains iron particle. World over, in all developed country it is mandatory to use Aluminium cylinder in medical application.
  • NON MAGNETICUnlike steel cylinders, aluminium cylinders are non-magnetic, hence find wide usage in MRI Centres and operation theatres.
  • ELEGANT IN LOOKA Superior Smooth external look with high gloss finish and easy maintenance gives a superior look to your Interiors.

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